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Teak Cleaning, Teak Restoration
Available Locally in Australia

SEMCO Australia has been importing SEMCO teak care products from the USA for over 10 years now. In the past we have operated under many names including National Marine prior to deciding to spin off the marine servicing side of the business in early 2017 so that we could focus purely on SEMCO teak care products.

SEMCO is made in the USA and is the most trusted teak care product. Other products try to match the performance of SEMCO but so far, none can offer the ease of use and lasting performance of SEMCO. There is a reason that the world’s Superyachts use and depend on SEMCO not only for their decks but for their teak furniture as well. SEMCO has been around for a long time and will be for years to come and is continually being accepted as the product most recommended by furniture stores that know teak. In Australia, SEMCO is recommended by all the Major boat builders and if you have ever visited a boat show and wondered how they keep those teak decks so clean when they are being trodden on by thousands of people every day for  days on end, then you can almost be sure that SEMCO is there protecting those floors. SEMCO comes in USA sizes but is often referred to as a quart being similar in size to a litre and a gallon being similar in size to  4L.

Why not try SEMCO on your teak floors or furniture. It wont stain, it soaks into the timber so that it doesn’t leave an oily finish, it protects the teak from stains, mould and mildew and slows down the greying process to keep your teak looking new and clean longer. You can go with a Natural finish or with one of several tints to achieve the finish you like. And if you have a table that gets lots of use, why not finish it off with a final coat of Clearcote for that added protection.

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