SEMCO Teak Sealer

Best Teak Protection You Can Get

SEMCO Teak Sealer

Semco Teak Cleaner, Restoring Teak Furniture

As a rule of thumb, 1L of sealer will cover 5sqm of teak flooring or a 1.2m table and 6 chairs with the recommended first two coats

Semco Teak Sealer Natural

Our best seller for boats; gives wood the golden-tan glow of slightly weathered teak.

Semco Teak Sealer Cleartone

Contains no pigment, looks like oil; not as weather resistant.

Semco Honeytone Teak Sealer

Our most popular among teak furniture clients, it is a rich honey color that looks like new teak.

Semco Teak Sealer Goldtone

Original shade gives wood the reddish-brown luster of freshly sanded teak.

Semco Teak Sealer Classic Brown
Classic Brown

Darker brown similar to the color when wet.

Semco Teak Sealer Clearcote

Popular with our furniture clients. Gives added protection to teak tables and is used over the top of one of the other tints.